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Actual galleries

7/9/05: party at peggy's place 7/2-4/05: 4th of july weekend.
6/26/05: san francisco pride parade 6/25/05: guess what? it's another night in the marina! 6/17-19/05: maman breaks her leg, so i take roadtrip home.
6/05: various activities in june. 5/05: assorted stuff from the merry month of may. 4/29/05: we're back again...a reprise of our night in the marina.
4/22/05: dressed up and going out...a night in the marina. 02/12/05: srini's and my san francisco housewarming party. 02/11/05: night out in north beach with srini and jeeves.
01/27/05: keasling lab retreat in tahoe. 12/04: end of the year and christmas break. 11/25-27/04: thanksgiving in l.a.
11/04: san francisco nights and life in general. 10/04: dinner party, halloween, and other stuff. 09/19/04: jeeves' birthday party.
09/18/04: michel visits berkeley and we go to san francisco 07/04-09/04: more summer in san diego and the return to berkeley. 08/04: yosemite trip with babuntu dada and family.
07/02/04-07/04/04: 4th of july, rt. 1 roadtrip. 06/09/04-06/28/04: krishanu's birthday and subsequent kidnapping, and thakum arrives. 06/08/04: beef visits san diego and we visit the wild animal park.
05/28/04-06/01/04: home on break. 05/26/04-05/27/04: alice and jess in san diego. 05/25/04: california road trip day 3.
05/24/04: california road trip day 2. 05/23/04: california road trip day 1. 05/22/04: runaway graduation and the subsequent dinner.
05/21/04: alice and jess come to visit-San Francisco. 04/27/04-05/19/04: mother's day home visit and the rest of the semester. 04/12/04-04/26/04: more berkeley living.
04/10/04-04/11/04: srini's 26th birthday...and the aftermath. 03/21/04-03/27/04: spring break in san diego and berkeley. 03/20/04: babuntu dada's wedding and associated hoopla.
03/11/04-03/19/04: santa cruz road trip and elle girl fashion show. 03/10/04: photography. 01/21/04-03/10/04: assorted snapshots from berkeley life.
06/20/03-01/20/04: berkeley, my first summer, fall, and winter break. 08/31/02-06/20/03: mit and san diego. 06/06/02-08/31/02: mit, summer after junior year.
01/01/02-06/06/02: mit, iap and spring junior year. 07/09/01-08/28/01: krish, baba, and i go to berlin, and more duesseldorf life. 08/28/01-12/31/01: mit, fall junior year.
06/30/01-07/09/01: family trip to italy. 06/16/01-06/30/01: duesseldorf life and krish and maman visit. 06/02/01-06/16/01: duesseldorf life and england visit.
05/26/01-06/02/01: alice visits and we go to amsterdam. 04/11/01-05/26/01: living in duesseldorf. 04/09/01-04/11/01: paris in the spring.
03/12/01-04/09/01: home, boston, and arrival in duesseldorf. 01/24/01-03/12/01: india visit. 11/23/00-01/24/01: home on leave.
08/28/00-11/23/00: mit, fall sophomore year. 05/18/00-08/28/00: summer after freshman year. 01/04/00-05/18/00: mit, iap and spring freshman year.
08/23/99-01/04/00: mit, fall freshman year. 06/28/99-08/23/99: san diego, summer before college. 09/09/98-06/28/99: senior year of high school.
08/22/91-09/09/98: rochester school days. 08/15/82-08/22/91: my childhood. Pre 08/15/82: before my birth.