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We moved to Rochester in August of 1991 after my father became a professor at the University of Rochester.

Although I've lived in so many different places, I consider Rochester to be my hometown since I lived there from ages 9-16 and attended grades 5 through 12. Rochester is the only place I have lived in the same house for over three years, and the only place where I attended the same school district for more than two years.

Actual galleries

09/91: The summer we moved to Rochester, I gave Krish a "Ninja Turtle" we can see the results. 06/92: I began learning Indian Classical Dance in the Bharata Natyam style from age 6. Here I am posing in full costume at age 10. I later concentrated on dance in the more graceful Kuchipudi style and also participated in Bengali folk dance Rabindra Sangeet on the side. 02/94: In seventh grade, my middle school celebrated "Colonial Day." A few days prior to that, I decided to try out some colonial peasant woman costumes on Krish.
08/95: For my 13th birthday Sir Winko the Ginko of Pruiss (Winko), a Shetland Sheepdog puppy, was adopted into the family. Here he is with Krish. 04/96: Towards the end of freshman year of high school, our biology class took a whale watching trip to Cape Cod, MA and Mystic Seaport, CT. Here are three of my best friends of the time: Shannon Whitaker, Irina Polonsky, Elizabeth Svoboda. 04/96: ..and here are my other three best friends: Mike Loeb, Dan Grodzicki, and Phil Ostromogolsky
04/96: This is a group shot of a bunch of my friends (c-wise from top left): Elizabeth (Beef), Phil, Dan, Dan George, Irina (Pender), Mike's arm. Krish started playing the violin when he turned 6. Here he's practicing at home. He also played baseball on the town team.
...and soccer as well. Here is Winko at 1.5yrs of age. 01/97: The winter of my sophomore year of high school, my family went to visit India. Here is my mother with her two sisters (Mashimoni-Swagata Chakraborty on Maman's right and Mishti-Sanchita Chakraborti on Maman's left)
01/97: Here I am with Krish and 4 of my 6 maternal first cousins (c-wise from top left): Ranga dada-Arnab Chakraborty, Me, Dadbhai-Bhargab Chakraborty, Krish, Bhaia-Anirban Chakraborti, Biddu-Samanwoy Bhattacharya. Shortly after we returned from India, I performed in a dance-dramatic production of Rabindranath Tagore's poem Abhisara. In this photo, I am posing with my good friend Poorna Chowdry (Poots) just before the performance. Here I am during the performance.
08/97: The summer after sophomore year of high school, my family took a camping trip to Canada's Algonquin Provincial Park. Here we are white-water rafting. Here are my brother and his neighborhood friend Uri playing in the snow in the winter of 1997./td> Krish and Winko cuddling in the sunroom. Spring, 1998.
06/98: The day after our last final of junior year...high school seniors at last!!! (c-wise from top): Me, Sarah Farash, Dan, Phil, Mike, Shannon. Zong-Ye Li (Oct 1980 - Jun 1999). 08/98: Shannon and my parents threw me a surprise 16th birthday. Here at my party are Sarah Farash, Arnab Chowdry, Rahul Mukherjee, and Ankur Chatterjee.
08/98: Here on the deck, gorging themselves on snacks at the party, are: Anita Shek, Dan, Mike, and Phil.. 08/98: Another pic from the party: Brandon (BD) Shroyer, Arnab, Beef, Shannon, and Sarah.