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Fall of junior year was my first semester back from Germany. It was good to see everybody again, but of course I missed my free sprited European lifestyle!

I shared a suite with a bunch of awesome sophomore girls (Joy, Jes, and Christie) quite near where I used to live (still Burton 5). Other than just day to day living, I also made some fun trips to NYC with friends. It was a wild semester!

Actual galleries

09/01: For freshman dinner, we went to a Malaysian place in Chinatown. Table 1: Kavitha, Joy, Ricardo, Ibrahim (Rahim) Tadros, Ryan Kabir, Ray, and Eun Lee 09/01: Table 2: Jes Wargo, Howard, Carlos, Michel Rbeiz, Shourov, Suzanne, Julie Hong, the corner of Alicia's face, and Christie Obiaya. 09/01: Felicity and me after the freshman dinner
09/01: Tony and Me in Alice's room. 09/01: There's a campus tradition (time honored at Burton-Conner) of showering freshmen before the first 8.01 exam. Me, Kavitha, Al: hauling Lauren into the 52-suite bathroom. 09/01: Kavitha, Me, Alice, Nick, Joy: showering Lauren.
9/01: Shower night eventually disintegrates into a chaotic showering of everybody involved--Joy, Me, Alice, Kavitha: showering Alice. 09/01: Joy, Alice, Me, Kavitha, and Lauren shortly after showering Alice. 09/01: Me and Felicity looking exceptionally stoned.
09/01: Felicity gleefully poking my eyeball out. 09/01: Our backsides. 09/01: Mother and daughter.
10/01: Me and Eun before a Boston Symphony Orchestra concert at Symphony Hall. 10/01: Eun and Me again. 10/01: Me, Ricardo, and Eun after the concert...I like that smug look on Ricardo's face.
10/01: Me, Tony, and Eun. 10/01: Tony, Eun, Me, and Ricardo before the BSO concert. 10/01: Obrad Scepanovic ready to go to the senior class Halloween cruise.
10/01: Beyond the fact that he actually let me dress him this way, what frightens me even more is how he looks at these pictures and insists that he looks attractive as a woman.... 10/01: Joy and Jes doing a little dance in the suite hallway 11/01: I made a whole lot of Indian food one evening and invited a bunch of friends; here are; Jess, Kavitha, Felicity, Alice, Joy, Michel, and Me...(Igor took the picture)
11/01: I made Chicken Tikka (spicy chicken curry), Palag Paneer (spinach and curd curry), luchis (Bengali puris), Dal (lentil soup), vegetable biryani (spiced vegetable rice), and peach lassis (yoghurt drinks) 11/01: A bunch of us attended the on-campus Diwali celebration. Here are Eun and I half-dressed for the occasion... 11/01: Modelling several of my saris and my salwar kameez for Diwali are: Eun, Nirupama Rao, Kavitha, and myself.
11/01: Until well into this term, the heating in our suite was dysfunctional, and we were, therefore, living under subzero temperatures. Here are Joy and I cuddling in the get-ups we were forced to wear due to the cold! 11/01: Kavitha and Joy 11/01: Me and Kavitha
11/01: My room, 551a :-) 11/01: Me, Obrad, Saumil Gandhi, and Aparna Surapaneni: a night on the town 11/01: Andreas, Aparna, Saumil, Me, and Obrad at a Caribbean place
11/01: Saumil, Andreas, and Aparna 11/01: The Burton-Conner Thanksgiving dinner. Table 1: Wes Forsythe (Joy's brother), Daniel, Kathryn Duffy, Joy, Eun, Kavitha, Jes, Christie, and Vanessa (one of their friends). 11/01: Table 2: Gabrielle Clayton, Vinod Rao, Angie, Alicia, Jess, Brittany Coulbert, Mingyan Fan, Bill Thies, Cody Nave, and Ken Lu
11/01: Table 3: Aaron Schmidt, Richard, Trisha Montalbo, Julie Hong, Kaz 11/01: Table 4: Spanky, Rahim, Shourov, Suzanne, Nick Hoff, Jean-Marc Freuler, and Ray 11/01: Table 5: Julie Zeskind, Igor Belakovskiy, Eugene Weinstein, Maiya Shur, Linda Yu, Obrad, Michel, Professor Adam Powell, and Me.
11/01: Me and Felicity at the Thanksgiving Dinner 11/01: Felicity's learned to stand! Here she is on the table! 11/01: Ken Lu pied Al with her Key-Lime Pie...doesn't she look lovely.
11/01: Pied Alice and Richard 11/01: For Thanksgiving, Jess, Alice, and I drove down to Bridgewater, NJ. In addition to being Alice's hometown, Bridgewater's also where Tuktuki mashi now lives. So, I stayed with Tuktuki mashi during the holiday, and Bappa mama and family came down from Albany as well. Here I am giving Babuli Bhaiphota. 11/01: Bhaiphota...
11/01: More Bhaiphota... 11/01: Babuli (Rahul Priyankar Aitch) and Tito (Rounok Mukhopadhyaya) 11/01: Bappa mama getting phota from Tuktuki mashi...
11/01: ...Bappa mama again... 11/01: On Black Friday, Jess, Al, and I took the train into NYC. Here we are at Madison Square Garden. 11/01: The three of us in front of New York Public Library
11/01: We three at Rockefeller Center 11/01: In front of St Patrick's Cathedral 11/01: Jess reliving her childhood at FAO Schwarz
11/01: Me, Jess, and Al in Central Park (at Columbus Circle) 11/01: The three of us at Lincoln Center 11/01: Alice in front of Alice Tully Hall
11/01: Me in some random NYC shoestore 11/01: Jess in Times Square 11/01: Alice and Jess in Times Square
11/01: Ground Zero...the haunting rubble of bygone splendor... 11/01: The three of us at the southern tip of Manhattan 11/01: The Statue of Liberty