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Alice came to visit me in Europe after her Spring semester ended. We spent a long weekend in Holland (4days and 3nights). We took the train into Amsterdam from Duesseldorf and then took a bus up to a small town called Noordwijk on the North Sea. There we stayed at the Flying Pig Youth hostel. The next day, we went back into Amsterdam. The next two nights we spent with Sigrid Haaksma, whom I met while working at the Akkadix Corporation the previous summer. Sigrid was gracious enough to host us in her apartment on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

We spent Alice's remaining time in Europe by just bumming around Duesseldorf, shopping at H&M, trying out new restaurants, and sampling the nightlife at various bars. We also took a day trip to Cologne.

Actual galleries

05/01: At the Flying Pig, we stayed in a room with two other girls (who went to bed before us and awoke before us, so we never saw them), and paid about $8 per person, per night. Here I am in my bed. 05/01: Here's Alice in my bed. 05/01: We took an evening stroll by the North Sea--here's Al on the beach...
05/01: ..and here I am on the beach. After visiting the beach, we dined at a French Creperie by the beach. 05/01: We then walked around the town. Here's a statue on the coast. 05/01: The next morning, we awoke bright and early, breakfasted at the Creperie of the night before, and the set off for Amsterdam. Here's Al in front of the hostel just before we left.
05/01: Here I am in front of the Flying Pig. 05/01: We took the bus from Noordwijk to Leiden Station from where we took a train to Amsterdam. Here's a girl on a pony, photographed from the bus. 05/01: A typical Dutch house photographed from the bus
05/01: Another Dutch house photographed from the bus 05/01: Upon arriving in Amsterdam, we decided to wander for a while. Seems like Boston's not the only place with a Cheers bar! 05/01: Here we are photographing ourselves in a shop window
05/01: A row of typical Amsterdam town houses 05/01: A random church we happened upon 05/01: MIT colors on a house in Amsterdam!
05/01: We left our stuff at Sigrid's place and went back to eat in the city. Here's a bit of the restaurant district. 05/01: Here I am in front of Centraal Station (the railroad station). 05/01: Me in front of the same canal
05/01: Me on the streets of Amsterdam 05/01: Me again :-) 05/01: A cool display behind the Van Gogh Impressionist museum
05/01: Vondelpark is the "Central Park" of Amsterdam. Here are Al and I over there. 05/01: Me in front of a thatched-roof house in the park 05/01: Alice the leaping frog
05/01: Me the hopping frog 05/01: This the house where little Anne Frank lived when she wrote her famous diary. The house is now a poignant museum. 05/01: Al in a doorway in the Jordaan.
05/01: The Jordaan 05/01: The reflective tire is a 3M product, I photographed this in the Jordaan--yeah, I know, I'm a big geek... 05/01: I tried to snap an illicit shot in the famed red light district, but you can't see much besides the red lights here :-(.
05/01: This has got to be one of the only places in the world that you can see cannabis growing in a shop window, and it's completely normal! 05/01: Alice in an Irish pub in the evening. 05/01: Me in the pub.
05/01: On our last morning in Amsterdam, we rented a paddle boat, and paddled through the canals. (Actually, we ended up leaving the canal system and started drifting out to sea on the Amstel River...long story...) 05/01: Alice doing some paddle-action 05/01: Here's the Koelner Dom (Cologne Cathedral), the world's largest standing Gothic cathedral--truly an architechtural marvel.
05/01: Another cathedral shot... 05/01: We also had our portraits sketched by a street artist...alas, he did an awful job, and the portrait looks nothing like us :-\.