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Germans know how to enjoy life. While in Duesseldorf, I learned that almost every historical or mythical event imaginable was an excuse for a holiday. My first holiday from 3M was for "Christihimmelfahrt" (Christ goes to heaven aka "Ascension"). I took advantage of the 3day weekend to head to the city of love.

Paris in the Spring...I caught the Thalys speed train from Duesseldorf to Paris. I stayed with Kathleen Smith, a former MIT grad student who's a friend of my father's. She kindly hosted me at her delightful little apartment, showed me all over the city, and advised where to go on my own wanderings about the city.

An old friend from BHS, Susanna Supalla, also happened to be in town, so I had the pleasure of meeting up with her as well.

Actual galleries

04/01: How much is that puppy in the window? A parisian pet shop. 04/01: Here is Kathleen sitting on the corner somewhere. 04/01: A typical Parisian building
04/01: A cheese shop in the Montmartre district 04/01: Street artists in the Montmartre district. 04/01: The Sacre Coeur
04/01: A more panoramic city view from atop the hill.
04/01: A sign saying that composer Hector Berlioz once lived on this site 04/01: The house built over the site of Hector Berlioz's former residence. 04/01: Another street artist--this time on a bridge over the Seine
04/01: Me by the Notre Dame 04/01: The Notre Dame 04/01: Susanna and I in front of some government building.
04/01: Me, Susanna, and her brother Zach near the George Pompidou museum of modern art. 04/01: Ah...Paris in the everywhere! Here's Kathleen near a random splash of color! 04/01: A fountain on the Champs Elysees
04/01: A view of the Eiffel tower from a side-street of the Champs Elysees 04/01: The Champs Elysees 04/01: The Arc de Triomphe
04/01: The Eiffel Tower 04/01: Another view of the tower 04/01: The tower one last time!