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Three of my grandparents were born in modern day Bangladesh (while it was still part of India). All three emigrated independently to Calcutta (Kolkata) around when the region was partioned into East Pakistan. My maternal grandmother's family, however, was originally from Calcutta

After my grandparents respectively married, they all eventually moved to Chandannagar, a small French outpost outlying Calcutta. My parents grew up there, and despite leaving India 25 years ago, they still consider Chandannagar home.

My parents wed in 1978 and moved to Melbourne, Australia not long thereafter. In Melbourne they pursued graduate studies in biology at Monash University. These photographs are of my parents and extended family before my birth.

Actual galleries

My maternal grandfather, Nanigopal Bhattacharyya, whom I called Dadu. d. 02/24/00. My maternal grandmother, Latika (Mukherjee) Bhattacharyya, whom I called Dimma. d. 01/2?/02. My paternal grandfather, Hrishkesh Ray, whom I called Dadun. d. 8/17/01
My paternal grandmother, Gopahemangi (Choudhury) Ray, whom I call Thakum. My mother (back row far left) with her mother, aunts, siblings, and cousins. My mother (front row far left) with family.
My mother (far right) with her siblings and cousins. My mother (far right) with family. 1965, my mother's 5th grade class. She's in the front row on the far right.
My mother with family. Back row from L to R: my mom's little sister, my mom, her big sister. My mom with siblings/cousins. My parents getting married as part of a traditional Bengali ceremony.
My parents' wedding. My mom with her cousins, on her wedding day. My mom in Australia.
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My dad in Australia. My parents down under...aren't they sooo young?!